Do not work out carelessly

Do not work out carelessly

No practiques ejercicio físico a la ligera

Choose suitable clothing: breathable fabrics and footwear that is suitable for your workout.

Do it in the less hot hours of the day, better in the early morning or late afternoon, avoiding the hottest hours of the day. Always protect yourself from the sun with a sweat-resistant sunscreen lotion.

If you like to run on the beach and can keep a safe distance from other people (at least 1.5 metres), run preferably on the shore, on as flat a surface as possible and with suitable shoes. If you prefer to do it outside the beach, look for shade and suitable circuits.

Hydrate well, especially on very hot days. Wear a hat and if possible a wet bandanna around your neck.

If you feel sick, dizzy or nauseous, as if you were going to faint, stop exercising immediately. Take a break in the shade and drink water or isotonic drinks until you recover. If the discomfort persists, call for help or the emergency number 112.