Going to play a game? Follow these recommendations

Going to play a game? Follow these recommendations

¿Vas a jugar una partida? Sigue estas recomendaciones

Would you like to meet up with friends and play a series of board games? Whether it is cards, dominoes, Parcheesi or a video game, do not let your guard down, the virus is still out there and the risk of contagion remains.

Try to play outdoors or in a well-ventilated space. Organize well the entrances and exits to the place to avoid crowds.

If it is a social venue, respect the capacity and security measures.

Always wear a mask during the whole game and do not neglect the cleaning and adequate hygiene of the chips, pieces and/or joysticks before and after the game, also cleaning and disinfecting all contact surfaces (table, chairs, boards, etc.).

For hygiene and disinfection tasks, use 70 proof alcohol or 1:50 dilution of freshly prepared bleach.

Hand sanitizers must be available to the players at the place of the game to ensure frequent hand hygiene.

Keep a safe distance between tables.

Ensure that common areas, toilets and contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected once or twice a day.

Place pedal-operated bins for disposable materials and make sure they are emptied and cleaned frequently, at least once a day.

Provide a space for participants to leave their bags, backpacks or personal belongings.