At sea, ask for help in any situation of danger

At sea, ask for help in any situation of danger

En el mar, pide ayuda ante cualquier situación de peligro

Ask for help and get out of the water as soon as possible if you feel chills or persistent shivering with redness of the skin. If you have a feeling of fatigue, headache or prickling in the neck; itching in the abdomen, arms and legs; feeling of dizziness, light-headedness or ringing in the ears; blurred vision or “eye flashes”; as well as muscle cramps or joint pains.

In any dangerous situation, do not try to rescue anyone if you have not received proper training. Call for the help of a lifeguard immediately if there is one. If no lifeguard is around, ask for help in your surroundings or call the emergency telephone number 112.

If you finally decide to come to the rescue, assess your chances and bring some floating material with you.

If you are in danger, stay calm, as a relaxed body with air in the lungs is capable of floating.