Watch out for heatstroke symptoms and signs

Watch out for heatstroke symptoms and signs

Vigila los síntomas de un golpe de calor

A heatstroke is a sudden and abrupt rise in your body temperature due to high temperatures or excessive physical exercise. This condition can lead to death if action is not taken quickly.

In case of heatstroke, cool down with a wet sponge or towel and drink non-alcoholic liquids, preferably water, iced tea or fruit juices.

If you do not feel dizzy, try having a bath.

If you have headaches, dizziness, cramps, malaise, hot flashes or heat exhaustion, call the emergency phone number 1-1-2.

Never leave a child alone in a car, even for a minute, or on cloudy days when it does not seem like it is very hot. Consider that 30 minutes of exposure to the sun with an outside temperature of 30ºC means an inside temperature of 50ºC at the height of the child’s head and this can cause their death.

If you see a child alone in a car, call the emergency number 112 immediately.